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It all began in the beautiful remote township and Industrial hub Hosur, Tamil Nadu when Dr Mohanakrishnan, Mr. Vasudevan and Prof Udai Pareek met at a dinner. The conversation dwelled on the practice of OD in India and Asia and span off the concerns of OD practitioners in the continent. The need for a knowledge sharing and, for that purpose, networking was strongly felt; there should be a permanent platform. To further deliberate and promote this idea collectively with pertinent stakeholders, the thought of hosting an OD conference was born. Vasu, who always looks for avenues to help the clients, elevated the idea of conference to summit and that of regional to global. Global Organization Development Summit (GODS) emerged.

A team was formed to make the summit a successful one. Mohan assumed the leadership role as the Summit Chair with the mentoring of Udai. SDM Institute for Management Development (SDM-IMD), Mysore, Karnataka became the host and provided the seed money for initial expenses. Vasu assumed the role of networking and bringing into association the Indian Society for Applied Behavior Science (ISABS), a premier organization in the field of OD affiliated to National Training Laboratory (NTL). Thereby Mr. Sankarasubramanian, the President of ISABS joined the team. Mohan, Vasu and Sankar together brainstormed and designed the summit model (www.odsummitindia.org). Udai at the right time introduced Roland Sullivan (Roland) from USA to the GODS team. Roland assumed the task of getting the big names in the field of OD as keynote speakers. He succeeded in enrolling Prof. Peter Kostanbaum, Prof. Micheal Beer of Harvard Business School and Dr David Bradford of Stanford University as keynote speakers. Vasu brought in Ms. Anne Litwin, the past president of NTL. Mohan gained the partnership of Infosys, the leader in the IT industry, and mobilized corporate sponsorships.

As everything started to fall in place for GODS 2006, the team simultaneously worked on creating a permanent platform for networking to bring together OD professionals, practicing managers and the academics. Hence, in the summit design six hours were allotted to have a brainstorming on the formation of Asia OD Network (AODN). The summit, a grand success with about 200 delegates representing seven countries, witnessed a serious and thoughtful deliberation of the forming of AODN through intensive brainstorming and created a white paper.

In the mid-course of the summit Dr Lee Hsing Lu (Lee Lu) came forward to host the next GODS of 2007 in China and Mr. Douglas (Dough) proposed to host it in Singapore in 2008. Lee spearheaded the effort of organizing the second GODS (2007) and brought more networking and affiliations with popular OD educational organizations like Benedictine University. With the help of Benedictine University and SDMIMD as knowledge partners and sponsors GODS 2007 will be conducted in Shenyang city in China with Shenyang Jian Zhu University as the host

The Asia OD Network (AODN) was formed in 2006 by a group of OD scholars and practitioners based in Asia and the US, is a not-for-profit organization, officially registered in the US and in India in May and June respectively.

Vision & Mission
We envision Asian business, nonprofit, and government organizations that promote and practice economic, social and environmental performance with sustainability. Our mission is to create and provide an environment that continuously fuels the passion and search for excellence in Organization Development and to provide a venue for all OD professionals to network with each other and to share knowledge and best practices with special emphasis on the unique needs of the dynamic Asian region.

Goals & Objectives
1. To connect and network OD practitioners in the Asian region and around the world.
2. To co-create conceptual and theoretical frameworks for OD those are relevant to the emerging economic, social, cultural and technological contexts in the Asian region.
3. To promote OD and Institutional Building practice among all sectors of society.
4. To set standards for professional behavior and practice.

AODN Summits in the Past

The 1st Global OD Summit was conceived by Prof. Udai Pareek, Mr. Vasudevan and Dry R Mohanakrishnan in Mysore India, understanding the need for OD teachers and professionals to have a platform to share and learn OD in Asia. Hence the Summit was organized with the slogan and logo of "Networking for Knowledge Sharing". The summit was held in the historical city Mysore, India in collaboration with leading IT Services Company Infosys and Indian Applied Behavioral Science (ISABS). The AODN was launched on the 21st of September 2006 in the Infosys campus in Mysore, announced by Mr. Vasudevan, paving the way for first ever Asian Network for OD professionals. The OD Guru, Prof. Udai Pareek, inaugurated the summit and was the Summit Mentor. The industry leaders Mr. Mohandas Pai, Venu Srinivasan were on the panel discussions. Rane Group Chairman Mr. Lakshman was the keynote speaker on the day one and John Cook from US shared his view on Philanthropy. Dr Mohanakrishnan assumed the role of Founder President of Asia OD Network.

The second AODN Summit was held on Shenyang, China.

The third AODN Summit was held on 1st to 4th October 2008, on the theme "Creating triple-bottom line value: leveraging Asian wisdom and organizational development strategies for sustained success", at Assumption University of Thailand, at Suvarnabhumi Campus. Chaired by Dr. Kitti Photikitti (Dean, Graduate School of Business) assisted by Dr. Perla Rizalina M. Tayko, one of IODA's most active members in Asia, is the Program Director of Masters- and Doctor of Management in OD at the Assumption University. 

Hundred and thirty five participants, from 17 different countries, were welcomed by Rev. Bro. Bancha Saenghiran (President of Assumption University); Rev. Bro. Martin Komolmas (President Emeritus of AU and IODA member); Mr. Wirat (President of the Assumption Business and Administration College Alumni Association); and by Mohan and Perla themselves. The Conference Chair was Dr. Kitti Photikitti. 

Two videos were presented, one by John Scherer (also IODA member) on the theme 'The organizational tree: roots to the fruits. On the shoulders of giants;' the other by Marvin Weisbord on the theme 'The past, present and future of OD in the World.' Some of the long list of speakers were Dr. Sandra Janoff from Future Search; Dr. Nitaya Neranartkomol ; Mr. Fred Miller; Dr Pauline Arneberg; Mr. Roland Sullivan with his MMOD Students of ABAC, Mr. Douglas O'Lgoughlin, Mr. Jumbhot Chuasai and Dr. Rosalina O. Fuentes, together with doctoral graduates from the the Southeast Asia Interdisciplinary Development Institute (SAIDI). 

Finally the plenary sessions were interspersed with concurrent sessions on the subthemes Capability, Leadership and Transformation. Only a few of its facilitators can be mentioned: Dr. Lee Lu from China; Dr. Aiay Nangalia from India; Dr Sandra L. Gill from the USA and Dr. Regina Hechanova from the Philippines. 

The fourth AODN summit was held between August 19 and 22, 2009 at the Center for Leadership, Innovation and Creativity (CLIC) of the Indian School of Business organized by Foundation for Research, Education and Development (FRED). The theme of the Summit was "Fusion of Eastern and Western Principles - Creating Sustainable Development benefiting OD". Delegates from 33countries approximately numbering 140 have participated in the Summit. The Summit was organized by FRED in collaboration with International OD Association (IODA) and Asia OD Network (AODN). Prof. Udai Pareek the Chairman of FRED gave an introduction on the history of OD in India. The first day Keynote speaker was O. P. Bhatt, Chairman State Bank of India (SBI), in his presentation titled, 'SBI- The Transformation Story', recounted how change management transformed a PSU into an exemplary banking institution. In another keynote address, Professor Ram Tenkasi, spoke about the role of contextualization in the effective implementation of large scale planned change. Professor Kaipa gave a keynote address on the topic, 'Wisdom approaches to igniting the genius within'. Other keynote speeches included "Transformation at the grass root level", "Building leadership pipeline", "Corporate lifecycles", etc. This Summit quests future OD for sustainable development including fusion of cultures, changes in leadership and organization structure, etc. Dr Mohanakrishnan was the Summit Chair and Ms. Vinaya Shetty was the Co- Chair of the summit. Dr. Lee Lu succeeded Dr Mohanakrishnan as a President during the summit. 

The fifth AODN summit was held between October 27 and 29, 2010 in Ateneo De Manila University, Quezon City of Philippines. The theme of this Summit was "Transforming Asian Organizations towards Global Competitiveness and Sustainability". The conference included skill building workshops, as well as thematic sessions that feature research and practice of OD in Asia. The conferences also feature interactive sessions designed to allow exchange of ideas and experiences across organizations, sectors and cultures. The keynote speaker is Dr. Christopher Worley.


The Summit focuses on difficulties and challenges in OD, cross-cultural influence in Asian organizations, changes in management roles, etc. The concurrent session had 7 topics, they were: Transforming the academe, Transforming the MNC, Transforming government, Transforming non-profit organizations, Transforming the family business, The individual and change, building communities. The Summit also conducted site visits as part of action learning process, these sites are the Accenture, Gawad Kalinga, IBM, Miriam College, PLDT, Quezon City Hall, and St. Luke's Medical Center.

The Sixth AODN Summit 2011 was Chaired by Dr. Lee Lu, it is held at Business School of Hohai University Nanjing, Jiangsu, P. R. China.
The Seventh AODN Summit 2012 Singapore
The Eighth AODN Summit 2013 India
The Ninth AODN Summit 2014 Japan
The Tenth AODN Summit 2016 was Chaired by Dr. Lee Lu, it is held at Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, Shanghai, China
The Eleventh AODN Summit 2017 Indonesia (TBD)
The Twelve AODN Summit 2018 India (TBD)
The Thirteen AODN Summit 2019 Myanmar (TBD)
The Fourteen AODN Summit 2020 Thailand (TBD)

Board of Trustees (Interim,2006)
Mr. Douglas O'Lgouhlin
Dr. Lee Lu
Ms. Michelle Tapia
Dr. R Mohanakrishnan
Prof. Udai Pareek
Ms. Vinaya Shetty
Mr. Vasudevan

*Please note that the Annual Board Meeting, Planning & Elections will be held during the summit on September 10, 2007 from 9am to 5pm at the Shenyang Jianzhu University in Shenyang, China.

Board of Trustees (Interim,2016)
Mr. Roland Sullivan
Dr. Lee Lu
Dr. John J. Scherer
Dr. Perla Rizalina Tayko
Prof. T. V. Rao
Dr. Tijava Kumar
Ms. Cho Cho Win
Dr. Wustari L. Mangundjaya

*Please note that the Annual Board Meeting, Planning & Elections will be held during the summit on September 23, 2016 from 8am to 9am at Shanghai University of International Business and Economics in Shanghai, China.

Office Staff
We currently do not have any full time office staff.

Tinglan Yang

*We are looking for the following volunteer staff and professional services to help us organize the AODN and GODS.
Executive Director
Membership Assistant
Communications Assistant
Editor - Newsletter
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